Monday, 17 August 2020

Rollercoaster gets athletics in Scotland back in the groove- sort of.

 A big thank you to everyone who gave of their time to help get the Rollercoaster on on Saturday, especially when firstly we decided there was to be no senior race, due to the impossibility of complying with the 14-page SAL Covid guidelines on off-track racing, and secondly when the Under-18 races lost not only their intended designation as the Scottish Junior Hill Running Championships, but also their status as Scotland selection races. SAL decided that as we were the very first race back, it was not appropriate to designate it as a championship event; then the two junior international races due to be held later in the year were cancelled in the week leading up to the Rollercoaster.

Thanks to Eddie B and Kenny D for course markings and marshalling, Alan E and Marty D, Gillian C and Dean C for sweeping, Mike P, Alan MacD and Lucy C for timekeeping and recording, and the non-rhymers Ian and Anne Nimmo for place recording and Lauder Limper Anne Weir for first aid cover. Ta too to Pete Hall for first aid supplies which thankfully went unused.

All four races were held over the same 3.5km/175m course which took the runners straight into their ascent from the bottom of the Morning Hill field all the way up to the forest edge and beyond the log bench, still rising through the undulations before dropping steeply and turning to race for home along the John Buchan Way. It was a tough start and a baptism of fire for those youngsters trying their hand at hill racing for the first time, especially given the very warm sunny conditions.

Just the three Moorfoot juniors were involved in what were, as anticipated, high quality fields. In the Under-15 Boys race Shaun Pyman found it tough going in the heat and was below his true form in finishing 17th in 18.42. Then in the Under-15 Girls race Elena Lee ran a stormer for 2nd in 18.57 and Abbie Little also ran well for 6th in 20.54.

Full report and results are available via SAL News

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Moorfoot Strava Series Lockdown Challenge 2020

Following suggestions from various Moorfoots who have been suffering race withdrawal symptoms I have devised a Lockdown Strava Series Challenge. The challenge runs until Tuesday 30th of June.

It's a bit of fun and the main idea of the series is to provide some motivation to get you out, maybe try a new route and to push yourself as lockdown and restrictions drag on.

A selection of Strava segments have been identified – 19 in total (as in COVID 19). These segments are a real mixture, spread around the valley between Peebles and Innerleithen, with short and longer sections, offroad and tarmac, and hopefully with a bit for everyone. Please note there are no downhill offroad sections due to potential burden on mountain rescue in case of injury away from vehicle access.

To take part you need to select and complete any 10 segments out of the list of 19 that are local to you. The scoring will be worked out so that for each segment completed between now and 30 June your ranking against the other Moorfoots doing each segment the challenge will be added up to give an overall score, and the lowest scores for male and female will be announced as top Challenger for each category. Prizes are being considered - watch this space.

All government guidelines in regard to Social Distancing must be strictly adhered to
Stay local ( )
Be considerate to other people by keeping a minimum of 2m distance at all times when passing.
Runs must be completed solo, unless you are running with members of the same household.
Avoid potentially busy times.

Thanks to Iain Veitch, Mike McGovern, Alan Elder, Andy Cox and Pete Hall for the ideas. 
Any questions just ask, Cheers, Colin 

The segments are listed below and shown on the map
Segment Number
Segment Name on Strava
Route description
Ave Gradient
Tarmac / Offroad
Fastest time
Down the Sware from the top to the road
0.58km / 0.36mi
1:16 (m), 2:12 (w)
From the gate on Ederston Road to the top of the very steep hill opposite cademuir Hill
2.7km / 1.71mi
13:35 (m), 16:16 (w)
Sams challenge IV
from the Top of the Sware to the Edderston Road junction
1.27km / 0.79mi
4:02 (m), 5:04 (w)
From gate to just before junction with Bonnington Road
0.60km / 0.37mi
2:05 (m), 2:01 (w)
From the bridge crossing the burn to far summit, missing out the top of Craighead
4.4km / 2.7mi
22:56 (Jacob!), 34:59 (w)
From wooden post at start of cycle way up Janet's Brae to bench overlooking Linnburn (just before green route track end)
1.78km / 1.11mi
Offroad (mostly)
9:02(m), 9:09(w)
Back road 10km from Peebles to Traquair, starting just past the second entrance to Kittlegairy ending at the Traquair crossroads
10.1km / 6.26mi
37:15 (m), 45:24 (w)
From the Peebles side before you enter the Eshiels tunnel  to start of the Cardrona bridge on Bike Path
5.2km / 3.25mi
18:05 (m), 21:00 (w)
From beside Glentress cafe to buzzards nest on the forest road up
2.7km / 1.75mi
12:45 (m), 16:03 (w)
From Cardrona Forest car park south and climbing on the forest roads
2.9km / 1.8mi
15:52 (m), 17:17 (w)
Switch back trail from Cardrona Forest car park up to the first fire road
0.58km / 0.36mi
2:27 (m), 2:49 (w)
From middle of Cardrona Forest heading north contouring on forest road
1.7km / 1.05mi
1% Flat(ish)
07:59 (m), 10:20 (w)
from the new Cardrona bridge to Innerleithen
3.2km / 2 mi
11:05 (m)
Along the ridge from the style at the fench at Black Knowe to the top of Lee Pen from behind
2.77km / 1.72mi
12:54 (m), 16:47 (w)
From the end of the street opposite the Coop at start of track leading into the woods to the top of Lee Pan
2.35km / 1.46mi
15:01 (m), 19:57 (w)
From road start at first / last new house to the Public loos
0.53km / 0.33mi
2:08 (m), 2:14 (w)
From a few 100m metres up from Traquair village hall to the top of Minch Moor, following the MTB red route once you hit the first junction with the forest road.
5.6km / 3.5mi
29:21 (m), 38:00 (w)
Nice new path
From the start of the new bikepath spur at Walkburn to the Haughhead bridge by the caravan park
2.12km / 1.32mi
7:59 (m), 8:58 (w)
Caberston to Caddon Bank fire road climb
From the entrance to Traquair forest at Plora to the top of Caddon Bank on the forest road
14:28 (m), 15:07 (w)

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Moorfoot Runners AGM and Annual Report 2019/20

Hello Moorfoot Runners Members

I hope everyone within the club and their families are staying safe and well.

As a result of the current lockdown, we recently held the club AGM over e-mail which we would like to share will all club members.  Please find various reports from this meeting saved at the link here

Finally, as I have stated in my section, many thanks to Alan MacDonald for his time as President of Moorfoot Runners – hope you have enjoyed it?  We will, in due course, have a ceremonial passing of the ‘Baton of Power’ from Alan to, eh, Alan (of the Elder variety), who has graciously been nominated, seconded and accepted the role of President for the next term. And also a special welcome to Alex and Vickie joining the committee for the first time.

The full committee for 2020/21 is:
• Alan Elder - President
• Eddie Balfour - Treasurer
• Pete Hall - Secretary and Welfare Officer
• Gregor Nicholson - Junior Section Manager and Coach
• Colin Williams - Senior Section Coordinator
• Alan MacDonald – General Committee Member
• Alex Campbell – General Committee Member
• Dave Gaffney – General Committee Member
• Mike Pearson – General Committee Member
• Vickie Morrison – General Committee Member

I believe this closes off the AGM for Moorfoot Runners for 2020.  I hope the next AGM will be in person, without masks or social distancing.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to drop me an email.

Stay safe and well…and keep on training

Pete Hall
Moorfoot Runners Club Secretary