Sunday, 15 November 2015

Tinto 2015

Not far from the summit - tricky descending on wet snow
Another year and another slog up Tinto - my strategy of trying to keep running (slowly) for as much of the climb as possible was blown apart when I was passed by a couple from Annan & District AC casually walking and chatting away together. The apocalyptic weather forecast never appeared and conditions were fairly calm on the top - just some wet snow to contend with.  I was the only Moorfoot in the senior race so can claim top (and bottom) spot I guess. Given the conditions I was quite happy with my time of 43;10.

Eilidh Mooney braved the mud and ran in the junior race (Tinto Tiptoe) with a time of 9:50.

Tinto Tiptoe results

Full results senior race

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Gregor said...

To be fair to Eilidh, judging by the results I suspect she just accompanied wee sis Ava (7).