Sunday, 15 November 2015

Border XC Leg 2 Dunbar

Dunbar-by-the-sea turned out a reasonably balmy eleven degrees compared to the preceding sleet-provoking dreichness that was Saturday night. 11 degrees still being warm enough for the average Scot to don a vest and shorts, down on Dunbar sands, the juniors gathered and were set off like a horde of whippets. A slight wind in the face didn't dampen the determined juniors and soon they were heading to the lighthouse for the return section. Just under 15 minutes of tiring sand, fording giant puddles and a series of narrow twisting paths, The first male junior (Max Hastings, Lauder, 16-17 category) returned in 14.55. First girl home, (Emma Johnson, EAC) put in a great run and returned just over one and a half minutes after - not bad for 10-11 age group!

Courtesy of Borders XC website

First Moorfoot back was Ethan Elder in 6th place and first in the boys 12-13. Corran Carrick-Anderson racing home for 4th in the 12-13 category. Good run too by Elena McGorum coming in first in her 12-13 girl's category. Emily Carrick-Anderson and Christina McGorum putting in a great effort and coming home in 4th and 7th, respectively, in the girl's 10-11 category.

The start of the adult's race was taken back to the rocks at the southern end of the beach. This made it seem even longer than usual! (in fact - looking at last year's and this, particularly the junior times, these look around one and a half to two minutes slower than last year's times for the event) 

Moorfoots in attendance were . Alan Elder, Niamh Shaw and Kobe Stevens  - Niamh and Kobe running for the first time in the adult category here. Well...who could tell... Kobe - a highly commendable 3rd overall - was first MJ and Niamh was first FJ. Alan managed to retain his 20th in 50+ title - exactly as Lauder two weeks ago! Can he make it 19th in Peebles on 29th?

First runner back was Donald Macaulay, CAAC, in a blistering 25.25 - 55 seconds in front of second placed Michael Reid. First lady was Rachel Haines of HBT in 28.46.

Full junior Jan 15 results
Full junior Nov 15 results
Full senior Nov 15 results

Before the adult's race, a minute's silence was held in respect for the victims of the recent atrocities in Paris.

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