Sunday, 23 August 2009

Moorfoots at Gytes Duathlon

Pic - Kenny & Colin battling it out in the final 5Km (Lap2)

Three Moorfoots took part in Sundays Borders Sport & Leisure Trust Gytes Duathon (based at the Peebles Swimming Pool) in damp and blustery conditions.

The course was a 5Km run (two laps of three bridges course), a 20Km cycle (Peebles to Howford Farm and back) and a final repeat 5Km run.

In the first run, there wasn't much between Kenny and Colin; Colin coming out of cycle transition 2 secs ahead, only to be overtaken on the bridge while doing some shoe 'faffing'. Andy 'Coxy' Cox was only some 2o secs behind, having chosen a 'one pair of shoes' strategy, shaving time from his cycle transition.

On the cycle leg, Colin and Kenny changed places several times until the final big hill on the way back in where Kenny pulled out a 40 sec lead into the final run transition. Coxy on his first ever road bike outing (" hard can it be - it's like running but sitting down...") followed closely behind only some 30 secs further back.

On the final 5Km run, Colin pulled level after lap one, showing good strength to maintain the pace and finish ahead by 25sec in a total time of 1:16:04 and 15th place; Kenny following him in on 1:16:31 for 16th place. Coxy faded a bit on the final run but still finished a very creditable 26th place on 1:19:03.

A good local event, somewhat down in numbers this year (49 finishers) due to the poor weather forecast and slightly expensive entry fee (£23 !), but worth a go.

Winning time this year was 1:04:52 (18:10 (5Km+transition); 29:00 (20Km ); 17:42 (5km + transition), the final leg here being a particularly impressive run.

Some pictures here...

Official results here...

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