Sunday, 27 September 2009

Moorfoots at Great North Run

Alan MacDonald and Watt Barrie travelled to Newcastle for this year's Great North Run..trip reports below:


Just a quick line to let you know that Watie Barrie and I travelled to Newcastle last Sunday for the Great North Run. It was a very early start (0530 at Selkirk) for the journey to South Shields, followed by queues for everything else that day, including the start. Fortunately the weather was just right.This was Wattie's third half marathon in just over 2 weeks, and he had had a slight problem with an achilles tendon strain earlier in the week, but it seemed to be okay for the race. Wattie ran 1hr 47.23, while I ran 1hr 44.30. Given the crowds and congestion, I think both times were pretty good. I managed 3600th, while Wattie was 4708th, so in a little under 3 minutes there were approximately 1100 finishers!As to whether or not I would do the race again? It is one of those, got the t-shirt jobs. Great experience, great enthusiasm from the crowds and runners, great organisation, but biggest (54000 runners) isn't always best. The Red Arrows at the end put on a spectacular display, which was breathtaking.


Just to let you know how things went on the Great North Run. What an event! Alan and myself met in Selkirk at 5.30am and arrived in South Shields at 7.30 ish. After taking the bus to the start I then stood in the toilet line for at least an hour!!. The race itself was an experience not to be missed though, over 54,000 runners, what a sight. Anyway at about mile 10/11 I started to slow so Alan headed of in front and finished well in front of myself. I finished in time of 1:47:42. With a time of 1:46:58 at Hawick and 1:42:28 at Glasgow thats me finished for a while, otherwise I might find myself using the services of the sweeper bus!!!.

Well done to both...

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