Saturday, 31 October 2009

Training and Race Dates - November09

Some experimentation with a few new training sessions this month, plus a busy race calendar.
Note again the Peebles based training on Thursdays with a 5:00pm start....

Interested in a sociable night run with headtorches but can't make mid week training..?
Drop a note on the Blogger 'comments' and if there is enough interest we'll schedule a Friday evening 'run & pub' event....

Sun 1-Nov Moorfoot Trail Race - Innerleithen 10:00 am start

Tues 3-Nov Innerleithen (Hall St) 5:30pm Night Run with Headtorches
Thrs 5-Nov Peebles (Gytes) 5:00pm Pre-race run (Fartlek)
Sat 7-Nov Tinto Hill Race 2:00pm start
Sun 8-Nov Cardrona (Village Green) 10:00am Long steady run (~ 1hr) - easy post race run

Tues 10-Nov Innerleithen (Hall St) 5:30pm Hill Reps (7 x ~90s Wells Brae)
Thrs 12-Nov Peebles (Gytes) 5:00pm Pre-race run (Fartlek)
Sun 15-Nov Borders XC Norham 12:00 noon

Tues 17-Nov Innerleithen (Hall St) 5:30pm 2 x 4 x 500m intervals
Thrs 19-Nov Peebles (Gytes) 5:00pm Night Run with Headtorches
Sun 22-Nov Walkerburn (Bridge) 10:00am Long steady run (1hr +)

Tues 24-Nov Cardrona (Village Green) 5:30pm Village Green circuit reps (confirmed)
Thrs 26-Nov Peebles (Gytes) 5:00pm Pre-race run (Fartlek)
Sun 28-Nov Borders XC Lauder 12:00 noon