Sunday, 14 February 2010

Moorfoots at Carnethy5

Pic - Johnny on Carnethy
Nine Moorfoots at this years Carnethy5.

Full results here..

Photos here... and here...

If any of the Moorfoots who took part want to send in a wee report, I'll post it to the Blogger.
Johnny's Carnethy report:
I had a decent race at Carnethy, on a great day with good weather and firm underfoot conditions (if a bit slippy in places). Hadn't been feeling great all week because of a bad cough but I've been training hard. The start had changed a bit, so runners had to run further up the hill past the Charlie's Loup gate and then run up a steeper section at the bottom of Scald Law. I was determined to get a good position towards the front of the race before going through the gate and then up Scald Law, so I stuck to Tom Hobbs on the mad dash over the bog at the beginning. This put me further up the field but I was in oxygen debt from the bottom of the climb.
Russell came past halfway up Scald Law but I didn't have the legs to stay with him, so I stuck to Gregor Heron of Carnethy, who I know is a strong climber and a weak(er) descender. The two of us finished 6 seconds apart at the end - he'd get away from me on the climbs and I'd go past on the descents.
Claire Gordon came past me on the Kips and again, I tried to stay with her, passing her on the way down and then losing position on the way up. Halfway up the gully on the climb of Carnethy, I could see Russell maybe a minute or two ahead but I wasn't getting any closer. I weakened a bit on the last climb but I didn't lose too much position.
The last descent of Carnethy was hard but a lot of fun ripping down snow fields and scree slopes. Unfortunately, the sole of my left shoe ripped half off and my heel started to hang out the bottom, which made the run in a bit tough. A couple of folks passed me again on the final section but there was nothing I could do to go faster with a broken shoe (and dead legs!). At the time I didn't care too much but I was taught a lesson when I found I'd finished 101st. My pre-race target was the top 100 (I was 191st last year).
So, I had a decent race but I was hoping for a bit better. A few enforced days off now, to try to rid my lungs of this cough.
Tom Hobbs had a great race, finishing under the hour in 28th position, Russell finished 62nd in about 62 minutes, I was 101st in 65 minutes, Julia was 22th lady in about 77 minutes and Laurence, Paul, Richard, Andy and Christine (carrying an injury) all got round in fine times.

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