Monday, 11 April 2011

Moorfoots at the Edinburgh Half Marathon

It went very well, but... the course was 13.4 miles for some ridiculous reason considering it was an out and back. They simply put the turn about 250m to far along the road, so I got a massive pb, and went through 13.1 miles at about 1:22.40, however finished in 1:24.32, in 38th position overall (out of 3019). My average split was 6:19, however I was run a bit slower than that, but managed to do the last 2 miles in 6 min mile pace, until I faded when the finish line didn't appear!

All in all I am very happy, and 6 weeks until the full marathon so a few long runs to go yet.



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Anonymous said...

Nice run Colin.

I really enjoyed the run along the coastline in the warm, calm conditions. I ran 1hr 47mins but couldn't work out how as I'd been consistently below 5mins/km and upped it to 4m40s/km over the last 5k. Thought I must have been weaving all over the course until I saw your comment regarding the course distance. Have you seen anything official from the organisers?