Saturday, 7 July 2012

Sarah 8th at Euro Mountain Running Champs

No feedback from Sarah McCormack from Turkey yet (her own blog to follow) but the official results are here  A fantastic top ten finish and only 1s off 7th. A great improvement on last year. She was comfortably ahead of the 3rd counter in the GB team which took team gold. Looks like she was 7th at the top of the first lap ascent, picked up on the descent to 5th, was 8th at the top of lap 2 and after the lap 2 descent, and only just failed to get 7th on the run-in. She finished in 40.55 only 1.01 behind the winner.
Some consolation for Scout who only just missed out on the GB U20 team was that the GB U20 girls also took team gold with 1st, 4th and 6th demonstrating that the GB trial was a top-notch race.
Short video from EAA on this link with a couple of quick shots of Sarah in the green of Ireland (No. 75). You might need to use your pause button though!
Also lots of photos here

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