Saturday, 17 November 2012

Tinto Hill Race 2012

Julia and I completed the Tinto Hill race last Saturday. Another large field of 260 runners. A bit of a mud bath going up the first section of track , conditions underfoot were much wetter than last year and times were down slightly. I made an effort to have a steadier than usual start which meant I felt marginally better on the final push to the summit cairn. I managed to keep Julia in my sights all the way up and nearly knocked her over in a slippery overtaking move coming down off the summit area. (I hope she has forgiven me!). We both finished with similar times to last year – 43:36 – 79th (myself) and 45:12 - 107th (Julia)
Apparently a few unregistered runners caused havoc with the reconciliation of numbers at the end! This is now a pre-entry only race.

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