Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Moorfoot on Jura

I was away at the weekend running the Isle of Jura Fell Race on its 40th anniversary.
Almost didn't get there on Thursday as the northerly gale made the short crossing from Islay to Jura hard going for the wee ferry. Friday was pure sunshine and very hot so I enjoyed sussing out the first and trickiest part of the route in case the cloud came down for Saturday.
But Saturday turned out to be perfect conditions, dry and sunny with occasional thin cloud cover and a cooling breeze from the south. Results not on-line yet ( http://www.artxraykishorn.co.uk/juraaspnet/index.aspx ) but I think there were a few records beaten, though the winner Hector Haines (HBT) took 3 hrs 18 min, eleven minutes or so outside the overall record. Jasmin Paris of Carnethy was first lady, possibly beating Angela Mudge's record.
I finished 125th in 5 hrs 11 min 27s, taking more than an hour off my time from three years ago (with no cloud on the hill, navigation wasn't an issue this year). I enjoyed most of it but was too fcuked to enjoy the last of the seven hills. It being the 40th anniversary of the race, it was started by the inspirational Joss Naylor, now in his 80s. Addressing the runners at the start, he urged us to enjoy it all, especially the 3 miles back along the road to the finish. Heeding his words, I walked some of the road and found that to be far more enjoyable.
Cheers.  Russell

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