Sunday, 9 November 2014

Moorfoots at Tinto Hill Race 2014

A dreich, damp November day for this year's race, with the rain arriving on queue as the start line assembled and cloudy and wet on the top...but another big turn out for this popular event.

Great top20 run by Lucas  in his step up to the senior race, and a sub40 by Benjamin in his first hill race.

Good runs too in their first Tinto outings by Dave Cheskin and Alan...

Thanks to Eddie for the photo and transport to the race...

Full results here...

More photos from Carnethy Flickr site here..

Pos.  RunnerClub NameCategoryTime%Winner
18 Lucas Cheskin Moorfoot RunnersM0:36:50119.5%
54 Benjamin Hindley Moorfoot RunnersM0:39:52129.4%
70 Kenneth Davidson Moorfoot RunnersM400:41:51135.8%
150 Alan Elder Moorfoot RunnersM500:48:48158.4% 

114 David Cheskin UnattachedM500:46:18150.2%


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