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Chirnside XC - Sunday 14th December 2014

A small band of Moorfoots ventured to Scotland's south eastern corner to tackle the Border's XC event in Chirnside. All morning, a louring sky threatened to whip up something wildly wintry but mustered nothing more than bleak blasts from the south west, bullying the changing tent into almost parting with its moorings. 

In the blustery conditions, the juniors jostled around the start line, some buzzing with excitement and many shivering in the chilly wind - wishing that Santa had come early with the thermals they had placed on their 'wish list'.

The two mile junior route took them along country lanes, through glaury puddles with much trampling through straw bristled fields. Mud, mud and more mud. This was good quality stuff - but not quite up to the glutinous Haylodge brand.

The juniors ran well in the challenging conditions and returned 4th - 1st - 3rd and 11th in their separate age categories

EthanElderMoorfoot Runners14.34M
ElenaMcGorumMoorfoot Runners15.22F
EilidhMooneyMoorfoot Runners17.03F
CameronMunroMoorfoot Runners18.44M
First boy back - Callum Tharme - Gala Harriers in 13.16
First girl back -  Susannah Godfrey-Fausset - Gala Harriers in 14.19

The adult race was over approximately 4 miles and a hardy 4 souls made the 104 mile round-trip to Chirnside. Conditions remained the same for this race with a little sunshine breaking, momentarily through the clouds. Sensible (possibly a contradiction) adults in vests took the opportunity to warm the blood in these few thawing rays before the gallop following 'go' commenced.

The initial charge around the football field thinned the throng before the mud caking charge to the railway line. A chance to steam along the flattest section here before the rise over a steep ridge and through a pool of soupy, brown glaur and on through a potato field. Chipping away, up and over the treacherous tractor tracks, more muddy inclines and declines and then through the final field of next year's vegetables. An uphill flog to the football field  - then a last lap to the funnel.

Gents - The race was won by Andrew Fallas in 27.14 (second  - Michael Reid in 28.18)
Ladies - The race was won by Charlotte Morgan in 29.39 (second - Dianne Lauder in 29.52)

Moorfoot senior results below: 

It's worth noting that Kobe's shoe broke on his way round the course and he showed some real grit in finishing at all. From previous races, he should have been somewhere in the top 10 finishers.

This mudfest was very well organised with much appreciated encouragement from the marshalls along the way.

Full provisional results here:
by Alan Elder

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