Saturday, 24 January 2015

Moorfoots at Devil's Burdens 2015

James at full speed approaching L1/L2 change-over
A return to the Devil's Burdens Hill Relays this year for the Moorfoots, after a couple of years absence. The team of James (L1), Colin/Scout (L2), Kenny/Eddie (L3) and Lucas (L4) achieved a very respectable 18th place (from 123 teams) and first place in the 'Open' category (mixed team of unequal male/female runner numbers)
A cold but sunny day; some snow patches higher up, but ice being the main danger - from the verglas in the car parks to the refrozen water in the shady parts - all part of the challenge!
Leg1 - James solo run set a blistering pace and his 4th place put the rest of the team up in the 'rarefied atmosphere' of the top end of the field.
Leg2 - the West Lomond section - Scout did the 'pulling' on the ascents; Colin blasting ahead on the descents; a few places dropped in the field but still up in the mix
Leg3 - the potential 'weak link' but Eddie / Kenny did sufficient damage limitation to keep things interesting through the last leg.....
Leg4 - the East Lomond section - Lucas, running solo brought the team home with a strong run
A good day out, with the team change-over logistics adding to the fun of the day - and a chance to catch up with runners from other clubs...a cheery Julia Conner running two legs for Lomond Hill Runners, a seriously fast Mike Reid for the Carnethy and two teams of old pals from Calderglen Harriers, amongst others....
Colin and Scout on Leg2

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