Sunday, 15 March 2015

Deerstalker race report

It was the Mighty Deerstalker race from Traquair and around Innerleithen yesterday. There is the "5k" which starts at 2pm (it's actually 10k) and then the "10km" starting at dusk so that you need head torches after about 45mins on (it's actually 15km).
It's a big mass participation commercial 'adventure run' event with about 2,000 people taking part over both events. See here:
There were a few Moorfoots in action.
Craig Rendle was entered in the 10k but had been ill all week, so ill in fact that a doctor that called to his house as he will too ill to go to the surgery. Craig felt better on Firday but with the week behind him he decided to go for the 5k. Craig was 4th to the top of the hill but had passed everyone on the decent but started to get catch on the flat again. It has very close in the end and Craig finished second only 5 seconds behind in a time of 52.42.
In the 10k Mike McGovern, Alan Elder and Colin Williams (me!) were in action.
Unfortunately Mike strained his Achilles and had to pull out within the first 10 mins.
Alan had a great run on the first time racing here and won the Old Stag (M50) category by 5 mins in a time of 1h54 and a field of over 50.
I had a solid run, but never really felt like I was firing on all cyclinders and finished in 1hr32, 4 mins down on last years time (although a re-routing in the grounds of Traquair probably added a couple). I finished in 11th place, compared with 7th last year. I had a real tussle with Moorfoot Dad and mountain bike ace Crawford Carrick Anderson who got the best of me on the last climb and descent and came in 10th. Full results here:

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Alan Elder said...

Some runners clocked the route at 17K (10.2 miles) - maybe why the times seem slower than last year?