Thursday, 2 April 2015

3 Eildons 10 mile trail race

Great new race for 2015 organised by the "Melrose races" team (10.5 miles , 540m) . Really varied course with a proper hill run to start (up the 3 Eildons), scenic trail running through woodlands & fields, a long stretch on the banks of the Tweed and an odd bit of road thrown in (which I did not appreciate).
There were seven Moorfoot entries from the field of 100 runners (capped). There looks to have been a good tussle between the Moorfoot top guns  - Andy appears to be paying the price for too many exotic winter holidays allowing the old boys to beat him to the line,

Wull Hynd -  1:19:47 (3rd place)
Darin Dougal - 1:20:03 (4th place)
Andrew Cox - 1:20:37 (5th place).
We need to lobby for team prize next year !!
also rans:-
Eddie Balfour - 1:30 (19th place)
Alan Elder - 1:39 (37th place)

DNF (Mike McGovern - pulled up with calf injury whilst in pole position)
DNS (Tom Hobbs - child minding duties)

full results


Burnie Caffs said...

Eddie...19th out of 94 - hardly an 'also ran'!

Andyc said...

First two guys were only about 30 secs in front of wull.
Haha yeah paid the price of going over on the ankle coming off the 2nd hill, was a long hour back to the start ooooch!