Sunday, 20 December 2015

Inners Festive Handicap report

The festive handicap was well enjoyed today. It was mild for the time of year but wet at times and very blustery too so big thanks to Fiona Williams for timekeeping, to Andy Cox and Phil MacDonald who marshalled and put out and brought in tape and markers and Eilidh for minding the kids so Fiona could actually keep time!

Mince pies and mulled wine followed with everyone looking and sounding like they had a good time

Details of the course are here

Robbie and David Jackson battled it out over the 3.5km short course with handicap working well and 7 year Robbie holding off 9 year David by 30 secs at the finish.

On the longer course 7 Moorfoots were in action with 3 local friends. Louise Cummings was first home to clinch the handicap by a second, with finishers coming thick and fast. Darin Dougal was first Moorfoot home with the fastest scratch time had a storming run (he came flying passed me-Colin having eaten up my 45sec headstart about only a third of the course and before the main climb). Benjamin Hindley was next home with second scratch time having a strong run managing to keep Darin close once he was caught at the top of the climb. Eddie had a good run too and was caught late on having used his strength on the climb to hold off Alan, Kenny and Magnus.
A tired looking Santa congratulates the first elf home..

Start Time Finish Time Finish Position Scratch Time Scratch Position
Louise Cummings 5.00 58.19 1 53.19 8
Ewan Sanderson 5.00 58.20 2 53.20 9
Darin Dougal 23.45 59.37 3 35.52 1
Benjamin Hindley 22.30 59.59 4 37.29 2
Eddie Balfour 18.00 60.31 5 42.31 4
Colin Williams 23.00 60.54 6 37.54 3
Magnus Skea 18.30 62.14 7 43.44 6
Kenny Davidson 19.00 62.27 8 43.27 5
Alan Elder 18.00 63.57 9 45.57 7
Emily Cruikshanks 0.00 70.25 10 70.25 10

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