Sunday, 2 October 2016

Belter of a morning for a belter of a Sware session!

The whip was cracked this morning as nineteen junior racers "enjoyed" a run up The Sware then four reps back up from Old Manor Brig.

Anton led the way with some impressive efforts from the brig up to the top gate into the forest between the two car parks.

Emily's mountain bike legs helped her lead the younger group on their shorter rep from the traffic bollard to the western car park overlooking Manor.

But the boys led the later reps..............

What goes up must come down - including Brian in the distance.

The aftermath............with birthday girl Holly (top right) deserving of an extra slice of birthday cake!

There weren't too many hazards but some that you definitely needed to give way to......

Other than the youngest group, the fourth and final rep extended to the eastern car park overlooking Peebles, where the de-brief focused on whose legs were the jelliest.......

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