Friday, 4 November 2016

Scottish Long Classics

This year, I thought I would take part in the Scottish Long Classics.

All races are over 20km in length and a runner must complete 5 in order to have 'completed' the series. 764 runners completed at least 1 race. 23 completed 5 or more.

From the possibles below, I ran Stuc a'Chroin, Isle of Jura, Ochils 2000s, Two Breweries and the Pentland Skyline.

Stuc a'Chroin30 April
Slioch21 May
Isle of Jura28 May
Trotternish Ridge04 June
Arrochar Alps02 July
Ben Rinnes30 July
Glenshee 907 August
Ochil 2000s27 August
Two Breweries24 September
Pentland Skyline09 October


Running back at Stuc with Luis from Lauderdale Limpers
The first post-race Guinness on Jura.


Running out of steam on the return leg of the Pentland Skyline.
Fatigue and hunger on last quarter of Jura
Falling over the line at Pentland and nearly wiping out a spectating Jon Ascroft.

Some interesting? numbers:

135km/ 84 miles run
8760m/28,700  feet of climb
With an average incline this equals (by oxygen intake theory) on a flat road 
348km/216 miles

Energy used is equivalent to that available in 91 cheeseburgers or 184 pints - you can keep the cheeseburgers! Or...that used to go shopping for a constant 7.8 days..or enough to power a 100watt electric lightbulb for 327 hours (My there are some wonderful websites out there!!)

More interesting is - 

After running 5 races, I was the 5th M50 - my 5th race being the PENTland Skyline! And my race number...55!


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