Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Mid-week Training Update

Training started and finished in (almost) daylight tonight - and we're only half way through February....

The plan for forthcoming weeks is to mix some shorter/sharper stuff on some of the Tuesday or Thursday at the Vale of Leithen football ground* (good firm grassy surface and one side cinder track), so bring your trail/fell shoes as well as your road shoes. We'll still be doing some longer runs and mile/half mile/3mins etc. reps out on the roads and hills too..

(* For those unfamiliar with the street layout of Innerleithen, the football ground is about 50m from Hall Street, down the track next to the Public Toilets, more or less opposite the fire station)

The football ground is used by the football team as well as the local sprinters, so we may need to be flexible to accommodate the multi-users of the facilities. If we can get started sharp at 5:00pm, we should be finished the reps by ~5:45pm ahead of the other users who normally appear around 6:00pm - it is probably therefore worth trying to get down a wee bit earlier if you can, if you want a decent warm up.
For more details contact Darren Dougal (Club Captain) or add a 'Comment' on the blog...

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