Sunday, 12 April 2009

SHR Scottish Championships at Clachnaben

Russell Anderson and Johnny Hall travelled north for the first race in the SHR Scottish Championships at Clachnaben,on Saturday.

Johnny's report is below:

I've been out of action for most of the last 3 weeks with flu and then food poisoning but I was well enough to give the race a go. Hopefully, I've kicked my system into touch now with this very demanding race. For most of it though, I was wondering what I was thinking.Clachnaben is very, very tough. It's only 10.5 miles and about 1100m of ascent but the ground is very rough - deep heather, boggy tracks, steep climbs and descents. I was going ok until the summit of Clachnaben, which is probably about halfway round but the descent off the back broke me in two and I couldn't recover - my legs weren't strong enough. I think I lost about 20 places and a boat load of time in the second half of the race.Russell fared a lot better than I did, although he too suffered on the descents. Russell raced round in 1:45:12 and 45th place, whilst I trailed round in 2:01:56 and an ignominious 91st. Not what I'd hope for but in the circumstances, it could have been worse.

More details on Johnny's personal blog

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