Sunday, 21 March 2010

Moorfoots at 'The Mighty Deerstalker'

The weather stayed fair and a record (?) 1800+ runners completed the two races (5K and 10K).

Moorfoots running included (forgive me if I have missed anyone - it's a big finishing list !)

Julia Conner (10K) 1:45:20
Alison Caw (10K) 2:13:44
Mike McGovern (10K) Disqualified (ran off course ?!?)
Jane Hobbs (5K) 1:16:47

Well done too, to Darin Dougal, running under 'The Leithenburnfoot Runner' who won the 10K race, it what looks like an exciting sprint finish....

Anyone who took part that would like to add 'their story' to the blogger, drop me an email...

Provisional results here (5K) and here (10K)



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Colin Williams said...

Mike was the first finisher - he was 7 minutes ahead of Darin at Pirn Hill (about halfway), so I'm guessing he took a short cut somewhere!