Friday, 19 March 2010

Proposed Moorfoot Club Championship Race Series?

I mentioned an idea at the club AGM this year that we should pick a number of races that based on the results could be used to have a Club Championship with an award given for the:

  • Fastest man
  • Fastest woman
  • Fastest overall taking into account age and sex

A score would be awarded for each race based on each persons time compared to the race winners (as a percentage of the winners time).
By looking at the 10k National male and female records for different age group I will work out an overall leader.

I'm looking for ideas for races but I thought the series could consist of 6 races and you would need to do at least 4 to get a placing?

The races I was thinking of are:
Gala 10k, 11th April
Peebles 3 Bridges (3 Miles) early May
Lee Pen (4km, 300m ascent)17 July
Manor Hill Race (15km, 670m ascent) 9 October
Jedburgh Half Marathon 24 October

Any thoughts on the races? let me know - we need to add at least one more

My knee should be healed by the 3 Bridges, so I should back runnig for then (but not very fast I expect!) Cheers, Colin

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Kenny said...

Looks good...Three Bridges is Sunday 9-May (distance ~5K);