Sunday, 18 April 2010

John Buchan Way Club Run

Ten Moorfoots completed the John Buchan Way run this Sunday, in slightly cool and showery conditions. The first twenty minutes or so were cold on the exposed flesh, but once warmed up and out of the wind a bit, it was actually ideal running conditions, with the trails still very hard and dry in most places.

The 12 miles from Broughton Place (yes, we drove up the track as far as we could before we started) to the edge of Peebles took just under the two hour mark, at a 'sociable' pace.

Big thanks to Colin and Kirsty for the outward logistics, and Kirsty, Eilidh, Mhairi and Alison for the soup, sarnies and cake at the end - a grand day out !

We'll perhaps try and do something similar in a month or so - perhaps Traquair to St Mary's Loch (Glen Cafe ?) - watch the Blogger for more details....

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