Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Anyone Free for a Cademuir Time-Trial with Scout Friday 30th April?

Gregor Nicholson has asked if anyone can help Scout Adkin by accompanying her on a “time-trial” up and down Cademuir this Friday evening as part of her prep for the Scottish Junior Hill Race Championship at Ben Lomond. She has missed a bit of training over the last 2 months and has not had the opportunity of any warm-up hill races which this Friday evening’s run is intended to replicate.

Meet up Tanta by the gate leading onto the open hillside for a 7.30pm “race” start or contact Gregor on 07545 322750.

The intended route follows the John Buchan Way, ascends to the top of Cademuir, turns and descends back to the “saddle” between the two summits, back up the steep path adjacent to the forest, then straight down to finish at the starting point.


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