Monday, 31 May 2010

Request for Support Runner (Midsummer Madness)

I’m running the WHW race on the 19th and the 20th June and one of my crew has had to pull out.

The problem is he is the runner i.e. If you leave Blackrock Cottage or Kinlochleven by 10pm you need to be accompanied to the finish at Fort William. Blackrock to Fort William is about 27 miles.

Is there anyone in the club that would be willing to support. The full commitment would be 1am on Sat morning to 12 noon on Sunday but it might be possible to get away with 4 pm on Sat to 12 pm on Sunday if that means someone can come along. I appreciate that this coincides with the Beltane Trail Run so not great timing.

Contact details are below for someone to get back to me. I’m having a meeting this Friday at 8.30 at my house.


J. Paul Nichol

01721 721131

07920 252528

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