Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Moorfoot Boxing Day Run

The traditional Moorfoot Boxing day run up to the Mast on Dunslair Heights will take place this year on Sunday 26-December, meeting at the Gytes at 10:00am sharp.

All welcome - a sociable (read 'slow') pace planned - snow and ice guaranteed - full body cover recommended (although remains optional for the more hardy hill runner).

The route goes up Soonhop Valley to Shieldgreen Centre before climbing up behind the cottage; then up the mountain bike track for a bit before changing to a walkers' track before joing the mountain bike track again for the final ascent to the mast.
Route back is pretty much down the fireroad to Buzzards Nest and then down the Jenny Brae Road.

Probably about 90 mins + worth, given the conditions....but some scope to cut short before the main climb, if you don't want to over do it....

See you there.....

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