Friday, 17 December 2010

Moorfoot Victory in Italy

News from the Moorfoot Italian chapter....

Moorfoots victorious in Italy !

Its been almost 30 years since I’ve been able to claim victory in a race, but somehow I managed to win a 15k Christmas race here in Northern Italy at my new work. Admittedly most of the better runners were running the half marathon course! It was a pretty hilly course and I managed it round in 1:08:55 so I was happy with that and even made it back to the finishing line before the official timekeeper who was still out directing people on the course. There were several bottles of Prosecco on offer at the finish too – something I will encourage at the Moorfoots handicap races when I return. Most of the runners in the club here are French or Belgian, so conversations during lunchtime runs are usually in French with a smattering of Italian - so I can keep my breath for running. I’m missing the hills around Peebles – but there are some serious hills around my house here – rising to over 1000m. Fortunately you can get a cable car up and just run down, so don’t expect too much on my return.

Have a good Christmas!


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