Sunday, 23 January 2011

Moorfoots at the Devil's Burdens 2011

Run for your life boys - the Moorfoots are coming !!!
The Moorfoots fielded three teams again at this years Devil's Burdens Hill Relays in Fife, with some excellent team and individual performances:

Moorfoot 'A'
Mike M/Darin, Tom, Mike R/James, Wull (Team time 2:38:29)
Finished in 10th, up against some very strong opposition from the Scottish Hill Running elite. As high as 4th place after Leg 1, but the race is won and lost on the long third leg and that's where the 'big clubs' turned the screw.
I'm sure this team will be up for it again next year - post mortem of where a few further minutes can be shaved already under way....

Moorfoot and Friends
Eve/Alison, Russell, Colin/Graham, Eddie (Team time 3:07:32)
Finished 33rd - neck and neck with 'Moorfoot - Pride o' the Borders' at the half way mark, a five minute advantage was gained on leg3, enough time to stay ahead over the fourth leg...
Well done to all - hoping we will see 'friends'  Eve, Alison and Graham again at another race or Moorfoot club event.

Moorfoot - Pride o' the Borders
Julia/David, Scout, Kenny/Sarah, Johnny (Team time 3:10:20)
Finished 38th (and second place in the 'Mixed' category !!!) - a good tussle with "Moorfoot  and Friends" on legs 2 and 3, and clawing back the deficite on leg4 before running out of race...
Thank you to David from Gala Harriers for filling the sixth team spot at short notice....

Full results here...

Some photos here..

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Johnny Hall said...

We were 2nd Mixed team out of 21, which isn't too shabby.