Sunday, 29 January 2012

Berwick BXC 2012

Leaden skys over Spittal beach
The annual trip 'o'er the border' to Berwick, this time for leg 6 of the 2011/12 BXC series.
Benign weather conditions this year  - almost no wind, the usual surf, tide well out, not too muddy up on the cliff tops - just the featured heavy sand expected in beach running, and temperatures consistent with late January.

The field was perhaps a bit down on previous legs (145 finishers), and the Moorfoot contingent was very 'select'.

First home was Kenny (you won't find that sentence elsewhere on the blogger...) with a steady run (29:44) and the satisfaction of picking up places on the return leg after the turn.
Russell was not too far behind (30:26) with Alan Strain (42:44) and Debbie Hardy (42:47) battling it out in the final yards to bring home the team.

Provisional results here..

Final leg at Kelso (hosted by Norham RC) on 19-Feb

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