Sunday, 22 January 2012

BowHill Enduro Duathlon (25-Aug)

Here's a slightly unusual 'local' event, that might appeal to some Moorfoots....

...the Bowhill Enduro Duathlon.

Those familiar with the Durty Triathlon Series, will know organiser Paul McGreal who is the master mind behind this new event at Bowhill near Selkirk.

More details below, but essentially...

"MTB 'Enduro' Style - Race as a Solo, or bring your mates to share the load and race as a Pair or Quad. Crack as many complete laps as you can in 8 hours. One of the team is racing at any one time. A lap is 1 x Run + 1 x Bike. All we ask is that each team member completes at least one run and one bike.."

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