Monday, 19 March 2012

Spotted at Chapelgill 2012

 The Chapelgill Hill Race at the head of Glenholm near Broughton is one of the shortest races on the UK hill racing calendar at only 2.6km but it is described as “brutal” on the Scottish Hill Runners website with a relentlessly steep climb of 410m followed immediately by the reverse thigh-burning descent. That’s an average gradient of close to 1 in 3! But that didn’t deter 15 year-old Lucas Cheskin from Moorfoot Runners from lining up as the sole junior in the 52-strong field in the 29th running of the race on Saturday 17 March. It may not have been a vintage field behind the winner Internationalist Matt Sullivan from Carnethy (21.12) but Lucas showed most of the seniors in the race how it should be done with a fantastic 4th place finish in a time of 23.49, only losing out on 2nd , then 3rd , to more experienced descenders in the very final stages of the race.

Fellow Moorfoot and prolific racer Julia Connor was 2nd woman home in 29.16 with Steady Eddie Balfour 17th in 27.26. Alan MacDonald was also racing (time and position not confirmed...but he did report that he wasn't last !)

Eddie in action on the ascent above...

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