Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hell Reps

Just to confirm Scout is doing the “Hell rep” sesh on Sunday morning (far side of Cademuir – road to summit), depart her house 10am or link up at 10.05am at the top gate from the Morning Hill field onto the open hillside of Cademuir.
An easy group trot on the JB Way to the Cademuir saddle, down the JB Way path alongside the wall, then at the far wall corner, walk down to the left to the bottom of the steep slope (close to the road).
Each rep starts at the foot of this slope pretty much on a direct line to the summit. Once you cross the JB Way path, follow a sheep path on a line to the summit. ¾ of the way up, you contour a little bit to the right to avoid losing height at a wee gulley then push on up direct to the summit. Run as much of it as you can, but some of it you will have to walk. The key thing is to keep the forward momentum going, then get back into a run as soon as poss.
Return jog off the summit via the main path back in the direction of Peebles until you hit an obvious path crossroads where you bear right, back down onto the JB Way path running alongside the wall. Take it easy on the descent, but in order to keep the heart-rate up, turn round at least every 2 mins for a good 20s effort back up the hill. Try and do 3 or 4 of these reverse efforts over the course of descent, the last one being back up to the wall corner, then walk the last steep section from the wall corner back to the start. That’s one rep! Re-group at an appropriate point if you are not too far apart, but don’t wait too long for others. You may all end up running solo at a pace that best suits you.
Scout’s target is 6 reps and a very hard sesh overall but this may be weather dependent. If you get to the point where you can’t do any more full reps, try a couple of half reps, just to the wall corner, or wall-corner to summit. Scout may finish with some short fast efforts before the return trot back to Peebles on the JB Way. Overall expect to be out for getting on for 2 hours.
Anyone else is looking for a hellish hard hill sesh on Sunday?

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