Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Paul's Virgin London Marathon Report

A lone Moorfoot headed down to the smoke to see if the gold paved streets could provide some cool weather and a good time. Training had been good with lots of hills so hoping that a flat course would make things a bit easier.

The forecast was for clouds and drizzle but as seems to be my curse on race day the sun was shining. Not sure how warm it was but it was warn enough for me to get a sun tan so I dispute the 12 degree temperature that was report. It actually appeared that the course had it's own microclimate of no wind, no clouds and lots of sun.

Fortunately the course was well watered with stops for water, lucozade drinks (yuk) and gels (even yukkier with no water). The literature said only drink the water as there will be showers to run through. After the first one I was pouring half a bottle of water on my head every mile and still drying our (See 12 degrees weather report – not).

The Marathon start in the middle on nowhere (Blackheath for me) and ends in the middle of somewhere (The Mall) with well know landmarks passed on the way. The crowds and support are amazing and really give a massive boost.

My plan was to start of at 9's and build up to 8.5's getting me in under 4 which was my goal. However my quads seized up at mile 20 and I probably ended up doing the last 6 miles in 10's. The good thing is that I didn't stop and even managed to do he aeroplane wings thing as I went over the line.

The heat was a major part and there were lots of casualties around being helped by the paramedics. I can't get away without mentioning Claire Squires who died on the day. One of the guys I was down there with was running next to her when she fell. He thought she had just tripped and ran on. All of us who run acknowledge that there is some risk but is more about breaking or twisting something at the most. The great positive is that there has been massive fundraising on the back of the tragedy.

Anyway as Arnie says "I'll be in the ballot next year" as I'm going under 4.

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Kenny said...

Well done Paul - sub4, bring it on !