Friday, 3 August 2012

Run with Sarah - Thursday 9th

Ahead of the World Mountain Running Champs in Italy on 2 September, Sarah McCormack is looking for partners to run with her, or act as hares, even just part of the way, in a “trial” on Cademuir on the evening of Thursday 9th August.

She will run to try and replicate the start of the uphill only course in Italy – a flat run c.1.25km, a short steep climb of about 400m, then a gradual up/down slope of c.2km before the real climb kicks in, for a total course of 8.8km. The plan is:
6.30pm park at the bottom of the forest road to the Cademuir car park (up Bonnington Road and c. 500m beyond the national speed limit signs). Easy trot along the road, heading away from Peebles, to the Crookston Farm road. Complete warm-up there.
6.45pm “race start” at Crookston Farm road, heading away from Peebles. Stay on the road until 300m beyond the cattle grid. Bear right onto hillside. Steep slope up (half a “hell rep” run hard) then turn right onto the John Buchan Way (ie heading back towards Peebles). Stay on the John Buchan Way for c. 1.5km. About turn at the signpost just before the drop down to the telegraph poles and retrace steps on the JB Way to the “saddle” between the two summits. Bear left up the steep path to the eastern summit and continue heading back to Peebles over the undulating top then down towards Tanta (Sarah will not be running hard downhill). About turn at the gate into Morning Hill field, then run the JB Way all the way to the main (western) summit of Cademuir. Finish on the top. Easy trot back down.

The route provides plenty options for others to dip in and out, turn earlier, or just run either the first half or the second half to/from Morning Hill if you don’t want to (or can’t!) run the full route with Sarah. With a 6.45pm start she reckons she will be at the Morning Hill gate by about 7.10pm. You can call her on 07903 353459 to discuss or confirm your participation and what part.

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