Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Moorfoots at the Pentland Skline

A record field of runners for the Pentland Sykline on Sunday (250). Myself and Julia were the only Moorfoot entries (Michael Reid was wearing a Carnethy vest!).

A very slow frustrating start (unless you were at the front) with much jostling for position on the initial steep climb above Hill End ski centre. The field gradually spread out as each hill took its toll.

Conditions underfoot were extremely wet with a couple of runners dissapearing into the bog infront of me, there were some thigh deep river/swamp crossings to negotiate on the return leg which freshened the legs up.

I managed to stay ahead of Julia until about 3 miles from the finish when I completely died and really struggled to finish. Not sure what happened - tight chest and feeling dizzy. Julia was also not on top form with a cold, she did have the excuse of running the Manor Water Hill race the day before.! So not very impressive times Julia - 3:44, myself 4:06. Mike Reid was up at the sharp end in 8th position with a time of 2:46.



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