Monday, 15 October 2012

Moorfoots at the Kielder Marathon

A cold but sunny Sunday morning was the Kielder Marathon. It's promoted as Britain's most beautiful sporting event and you can see why.

I thought that I was the only Moorfoot but met Watt from Yarrow. I said I would give him a name check on the blog.

The course is all off road except bits of tarmac path and where you cross the dam.

The bit which gets you if you have never done it before is the surprise climbs and descents which in some cases are very steep. Really takes is out the legs and strategic walking is recommended.

Managed 1.55 to the turn but waned in the second half and finished in 4.20. I'm told to add 10% on to a normal road race so I am putting that down as a 3.55.

Would recommend this a team event for next year as this is right up our street but might be too early after the 2 breweries. Will almost certainly do it again next year but will need to spend more time on the hills and in Glentress.


J. Paul Nichol

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