Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tuesday Evening Group Runs Resume 2 October

Tuesday night "winter" group runs will resume in Peebles at 6.30pm on Tuesday 2 October. These are very informal and not restricted just to the juniors. Everyone is welcome. Indeed it's good to have some mums and dads or seniors to  run "shotgun". (However parents of U-16s should note that this can’t be guaranteed.)  
It's as safe an evening route as you will find - up Springhill Road, round behind Spar, through Victoria Park and back along Kingsmeadows Road to start the loop again (i.e. no roads to cross). There aren’t too many driveways but you do need to stay alert to the possibility of cars coming out of driveways. Also, take care not to send pedestrians flying when you run round corners! If you need to pass someone, either a pedestrian or another runner, choose a good time and place so it is safe (for both you and them). It doesn’t matter if you are slowed down for a few seconds. Don’t run in too tight a bunch. Watch your step until you get to know the route. Take care on the bumpy pavement by the tennis courts. Take it easy when you turn left at Spar which is a blind corner. The pedestrian path into the park is steep and you should avoid running too fast downhill on such a hard surface. (You can use this downhill section to ease off for a wee breather, then pick up the pace again when you are back on the level.) Take care at the steps out of the park at Priorsford Bridge. There are also a few places on the loop where the pavement/path is a little bit uneven. Take extra care if it is icy and don’t run if it is too slippy. As you will be running on a hard “road” surface for quite a long way, good running trainers should be worn, not casual or fashion trainers.
We will aim over a few weeks to build up the distance covered at a fairly easy pace, then we start to vary the pace a bit, then look for a harder more sustained pace. We have a real mix of ability and speeds, but it is about everyone doing what is right for them, whether that is a fairly easy 3 laps (c. 2.25 miles) for the younger ones (or older mums/dads!) or 8 hard laps for the more experienced runners. 
See you Tuesday at Kingsmeadows car park - ready to run when the Parish church chimes 6.30pm i.e. be warmed up before then. Although it won't be dark when we start, it will be getting gloomy towards the end so wear something light in colour and preferably something high vis. 

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