Monday, 28 October 2013

Taking Orders for Moorfoot Club Vests

Former Moorfoot 'pin up boy' modeling the vest
Orders are being collected for Moorfoot running vests, the traditional red and blue diagonal harlequin design, with MOORFOOT in white lettering on the front.

These will be available in Childrens, Mens and Ladies sizes and will be £10 per vest
(this is a subsidized charge to Club Members)

Sizing is based on chest size, but please consider if you like it 'loose and baggy' or 'super streamlined'; do you usually wear it over another top, or do you run with bare flesh exposed; for children, will they grow out of a small size in a few months etc etc.

There are x15 sizes covering Children, Ladies and Men to choose from.....

There will be very little stock held, so if you do not order in this round, you may need to wait until a future order, the time or date of which will depend on demand (we have a minimum order size and we are a very small club !!!)

Please input your orders to the Doodle Poll below by Sunday 3-November, such that the order can be consolidated and placed with our supplier:

Money will be collected when vests are collected, following delivery from our supplier.

Please pass the word round to fellow Moorfoot runners, although you will be informed by email also through the week.

Note again that we need to capture all orders by Sunday 3-November - delivery from supplier expected late January 2014 - further updates in January once we get updates on our batch fulfillment.

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