Sunday, 15 December 2013

Moorfoot Festive Handicap, Innerleithen - Sunday 29 Dec, 10am

I am organising another Festive Handicap this year. First start at 10am on Sunday 29th Dec, starting near the Cuddy Bridge off Leithen Road here 

The start will be just by the Cuddy Bridge. There will be a choice of routes:
  • A 3miles / 5km suitable for juniors and those who simply fancy a shorter route (or those who had too much Christmas dinner!) - the proposed route is shown below.

  • A longer route will be about 5 miles / 8km with a 300m climb, almost all in the first 2 miles (one of those surely it can't get steeper climb which then does!).

A fair bit of both routes is on trails which are muddy and uneven in places - you will get wet feet! The other half is on forest track.

Please let me know if you are planning to attend so I can try to work out handicaps - Gregor I will need your help with handicapping for the juniors.

Hope to see you there, but be aware if serious winter conditions occur then we may have to cancel.

Mince pies and refreshments in our conservatory after but it isn't heated so bring a warm coat!

ho, ho, ho


Burnside, 52 Leithen Road
Innerleithen EH44 6HY

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Gregor said...

Hi Colin

They don't know it yet (well now they do) but my lot will be at Tweedbank that day for a 2000m/3000m time trial.