Sunday, 23 February 2014

Moorfoot AGM 2014 - Summary

This year's AGM was held in the Country Hotel Peebles on Friday 21-February and was attended by ten members

Please a short summary of the meeting below:
Barry Hughes

President's Report
Mike gave an overview of the year; appreciation of membership support for club events and races

Treasurers Report
Kirsty updated on the current membership and accounts; membership at 97 for 2013, up from previous year, with the growth primarily in Junior members; more money spent this year on membership but good balance remaining in bank

Coaching Report
Gregor gave a summary of the junior coaching highlights, including a number of individual and team wins and international representations for Moorfoot members.

Election of Committee
Mike McGovern remains as President
Kenny steps down as Secretary – position vacant; to be decided at next committee meeting
Kirsty steps down as Treasurer - Eddie Balfour takes over in this role
Committee members - Gregor Nicholson, Mike Pearson, Alan MacDonald, Brian Hood, Tom Hobbs – welcome to new committee member Colin Williams

Fees will remain unchanged for 2014 - £15 senior, £10 junior, £20 couple/family
Fees due 1-April - appreciate payment by 30-April

Events for 2014/15
Gypsy Glen Hill Race – Wed 14-May – Mike Pearson taking organisation role but full support from club members also requested

Cademuir Rollercoaster Hill Races – Sat 16-Aug – Gregor taking organisation role and again full support from club members also requested

Borders XC - Peebles leg early December (TBC)

Watch blogger for other club events and runs throughout the season....

Alan MacDonald showed sample top with reflective ‘Moorfoot Runners’ printing which can be printed by Loanhead company – further details following next committee meeting

Mike Pearson gave review/feedback on Borders XC series 2013/14

Next Committee Meeting scheduled for Wed 26-March 7:30pm County Hotel Peebles (TBC)

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