Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Two Inns Race - Sat 12th July

I managed to persuade Kenny it would be a great idea to try the Two Inns Race (24km, 1700m) which is a relatively new addition to the Long Classics series of hill races. Plan was for a scenic drive up to Glencoe in the morning, do the race in the sunshine, quick pint in the Clachaig Inn and back home in time for another World Cup match.  Sounded ideal. 
Reality was a full-on mountain marathon type event across very rough trackless terrain with runners having to report to well spaced control points. With zero visibility all the way and heavy rain our combined navigational skills were called on continuously during the 4 hours it took me and Kenny to complete the race. Despite the weather this was infact a fantastic route which has been picked out along a series of linking ridges and peaks which run SW from the Clachaig Inn. The comradery amoungst the small field of 30 runners was great - with a lot of banter and shared route planning going on. Even the front runners decided to share first place by crossing the line together.
Big smiles from Kenny at the finish.

Race results

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