Thursday, 12 February 2015

Cademuir Forest Tree Felling

The following message has been circulated by the TweedLove organisers to the mountain bike community, but applies equally to runners who also frequent Cademuir forest ...

TweedLove wrote:
Important Cademuir trail news - word just in from Forestry Commission Scotland:
"The tree felling works at Cademuir Forest are starting today[10-Feb] and will be ongoing until the end of July 2015 (7 days/week). The area being clearfelled is the Cademuir Hill part of the wood (roughly from the summit down to the middle road) so the 2 natural mtb descents (used in the K&Q) from the summit won't be accessible and much of the Pilots Trail walk will also be closed for the duration of the... works. Access up from the Owl carpark will also be restricted. These closures are for the publics own safety - the harvester has a ~200m chainshot risk zone and ~100m risk zone when felling the trees (and they are big trees up there) - the impact of being hit by falling tree and also chainshot can kill.
We've marked the mtb descents and the contractors are going to do their best to avoid damaging them but this will be harder to do for the descent off the back (heading down towards the quarry) which is on steeper slopes. "

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