Sunday, 22 February 2015

Run with the Wind Half Marathon report

A more apt name would have been 'Race against the Wind Half Marathon, and the cold and the sleet, and the slush and the hills'. I took part in this half marathon over by Strathaven today and it skirts Whitelee Wind Farm, the biggest in Europe, hence the name. I can honestly say that it was the worse conditions I have every done a road race in and by the end my hands were cramped like claws from the cold, despite the fact that I was wearing tights and long sleeves and hat, gloves and buff. Having said that the winner only wore shorts, vest and gloves!

I actually had a pretty competitive run with all the speedsters away at the National XC I managed to finish in fourth place having been in 8th at halfway. Results here:

Course and Profile

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Burnie Caffs said...

Well Done Colin - great result!

Can't believe the winner wore gloves with his shorts and vest. Slipping....that's all I can say...:)