Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Barry's Peebles Marathon (the 'Barrython')

Hi all - as part of my 'marathon a month' challenge for 2015, this Saturday sees the August marathon, an unofficial event around the Peebles / Innerleithen area.  There are about 6 of us planning to run the whole distance, and the route (see map) has been designed to allow folk to join in and just do certain sections.  Leaving from Tweed Green at 0930, we will go over the Sware, round Cademuir, back to Tweed Green, and then all the way down the path to Innerleithen Golf Club and back.  We will be going at a nice gentle pace (certainly no faster than an 8:30 mile) and there will be a couple of refreshment stops, and maybe even a Caldwells visit!  All are welcome to join for some or all of the route.

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