Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Taking the Michael................. and Craig

 Can you put this on the blogger if appropriate? Just a bit of fun at Andy. (Mikes idea)!!! Face with tears of joy


On 9th August I made the journey with Lianne to the Alps for the 2015 Sierre-Zinal race. Its a grueling 31km with 2200 meters of ascent.

Being the 2013 Penchrise Pen Hill Race Champion I managed to secure an elite start so lined up with Kilian Jornet et al. Feeling good, I raced off with the top boys and was actually feeling good as I led going into the first corner.

It was at this point things started going slightly south of ideal. I quickly realised that I would have to drop back in the field, if only a few places. I still felt strong on the first big climb and when the going got tough I kept saying to myself, "be courageous and brave Coxy" and things like, "C'mon big boy, you're the Penchrise Champ, your a potent force". This seemed to work briefly, but before long the efforts of that first 250 yards were taking their toll. People were overtaking me on the climb to the final summit, I lost count at 17. I did however get a wee boost when I overheard a female say to her running buddy "that's Big Coxy the Penchrise Hill Race Champion". The boost was short lived. I was really hurting now, altitude taking it's toll? I had been training up Lee Pen (to the very top) to assist with the altitude but apparently to no avail.

I was barely running now and was happy to see the "500 yards to go" banner. Then the unbelievable happened.... as I rounded the last corner with the finish line in sight, I could hear the commentator say, "next in we have Zarema Kasayeva, the current Kazakstan 95kg weight lifting champion in a sprint finish with elite athlete Andy Cox from Moorfoots". I dug in as this was now becoming embarrassing for a runner of my stature. To my disgust I just didn't have it in me. Liane was near the finish line and even she tried to motivate me when she seen the rather "cuddly" girl running past me. She tried one of my favourite lines usually kept for a more private surrounding..... "C'mon Andy, my wee sugar candy". But to no avail.

I slumped over the line disappointed. Beaten by the female Kazakstan weight lifting champion?! I've had better days at the office. Shocker!


P.s Here's some pics!

Zarema in the powder puff blue vest powering on with me trailing in the background.
She even had the cheek to "high 5" folk!

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