Saturday, 31 October 2015

Quizzing Eggheids a Solid Third

Beardiebutbaldie, Burnie Caffs and Trucker Collins was the diminished Moorfoot Eggheids team for the PRFC Sports Club quiz with fourth man Quarryman Stevens a late call-off. Five rounds of 15 questions each (averaging a Guinness per round!) saw the Eggheids mid-pack amongst the ten teams at the half-time interval and a strong picture round saw them climb to 3rd equal by the finish, only 4 points shy of the runner-up prize won by Quiz Team Aguillera (Peebles Netball).
Burnie Caffs' impressive knowledge of the German origins of lager, Trucker Collins' personal experience of the Munich Oktoberfest (held in September!) and Beardiebutbaldie's eventual recognition of TV tottie Julia Bradbury, all helped score valuable points.
Points were missed (amongst others) on which other English football team apart from Newcastle play at St James's Park, the band that played the theme tune to Friends, which European country after Russia has the most lakes, and in which European city the next Ryder Cup will be played. Any ideas?

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