Monday, 25 January 2016

Moorfoots at the Devil's Burdens Relays 2016


One Moorfoot team this year, boasting a wealth of 'experience', but a bit light on 'youth'.

Leg1 - Tom Hobbs - 28:40 (Leg Rank 22nd )
A good start by Tom on Leg1 on this shorter but 'eyeballs out fast' leg, putting us into the mix, and ahead of some of the bigger teams.

Leg2 - Kenny/Eddie - 1:24:10 (Leg Rank 56th )
Steady enough start on the runnable bit, before someone poured concrete into my legs on the start of the ascending traverse onto West Lomond. Literally on my hands and knees on the pitch up to the summit, and then the gearbox got stuck in first gear for the remainder of the run - sorry chaps ! Eddie showing much patience waiting at each checkpoint...

Leg3 - Paul/Alan - 1:16:53 (Leg Rank 82nd)
A much changed leg3, still with a massive climb straight from the start before a new route over the upland moors to West Lomond and then a fast finish. Alan nursing a throat infection, but still producing a steady run with Paul.

Leg4 - Lucas - 29:52 (Leg Rank 7th)
Our secret weapon - Lucas running another stormer up and over East Lomond, and a couple of minutes faster than his time on this leg last year. Took a tumble on the final run in (the easy bit of the trail), so could be faster still....

Final Placing:
38th - 3:39:35

Full results here...


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