Monday, 4 January 2016

Greenmantle Dash 2016

In an attempt blast off some excess festive excess I entered the Greenmantle Dash on 2nd of Jan. It's a bit of everything in a very short space (3.2k or so). From Tarmac to a leap of faith over a dyke, to an angry burn, mushy marsh and  then the uphill calf scorcher. I managed OK until this point and lost a couple of minutes due to pain of lactic acid saturation - or perhaps it was just over indulgence having its say. The decent is tricky after the turn at the cairn on Ratchill Hill with numerous runners falling on (all) the way down. I managed to stay on my feet and caught many who had passed me as I suffered on the way up. Once out of the bottom field, it's a dash along the Dreva Road to the Village Hall. First time doing this one and will hopefully do again next year.

Ethan ran with the juniors and spent much of the run up front until the turn.

Video here

Courtesy of Trail and Mountain's Youtube channel

Results here

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