Monday, 12 September 2016

Free running video analysis by Saucony at Run and Become, Edinburgh early Nov

copied from Run & Become website:

Wednesday 2nd November till Friday 4th November 2016
45min time slots
Run and Become, 20 Queensferry St, Edinburgh, EH2 4QW
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Make use of this unique opportunity offered by Saucony to customers of specialized running shops. Saucony Stride Lab is touring UK and after having a big success in our London store is now coming to Edinburgh!
  • FREE video analysis of your running stride
  • FREE report on your running technique
  • FREE recommendation of your best running shoe
The Saucony Stride Lab gait analysis consists of three high-speed cameras set to assess the runners unique stride characteristics, body position and running form.

The cameras work in synchronisation to capture a runner's stride from multiple views. The front camera angle assists assessment of knee rotation. The side cameras shows the extension of the leg and knee flexion upon impact. And the rear camera captures hip drop and pronation.
Following assessment, the Lab provides 360o understanding of runner's requirements. The runner will receive a free assessment report on the running technique, to realize where improvements could be made; and advise on the most suitable running shoe.
If you want to have your running form analysed, or would like to know what your best shoe is, how to improve your running technique and how to avoid injury risk, just book your session here.

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